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Lokai Circle

Charity Partners

A daily reminder, a lifetime of impact.

The Lokai Impact

The Lokai Circle makes a huge impact and raises millions of dollars for various charities—funding schools, building clean water wells, supporting research for diseases, and so much more.


wells built

In partnership with Charity: Water


trees planted

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy


wishes granted

In partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation

Cause collection

John's Story

John's Story

"Mom, I am so lucky to have been raised and inspired by you. You put my first camera in my hands and took me to the top of half dome, fueling my future desire to take photos and explore. 12 years later I returned to where we started our trek. As a teenager I didn't understand the gravity of the battle you were fighting. You and all who have fought, or are fighting give me strength. I wear this Lokai to remind me of the fight you fought. I urge any and everyone to reach out and support those who have and are fighting. I love you mom!""

Eva's Story

Eva's Story

"A few years ago, I met my friendship soul mate Michal. When he moved to Australia for a year, our Lokai bracelets connected us so that when we looked down at our wrists, we’d know we were there for each other despite being thousands of miles away. As soon as he arrived home, we went directly to the tattoo salon and got matching ‘white ball, black ball’ tattoos to connect us forever. Lokai represents our friendship."

I bought this in rememberance of my Mom I love the feeling of staying connected to her through my bracelet.

— Huli H.

One of my best friends has Alzheimer’s. The Lokai is an every day reminder of how much more needs to be done to get closer to a cure.

— Lia L.

I’ve been asked by many people about my bracelet and it makes me feel good to know that I’m doing something to bring awareness to this disease and help support research.

— Micki C.

I love that NAMI & Lokai teamed up to fight stigma and start the conversation! I work in the mental health field so this is always an awesome conversation starter.

— Ziona B.